Dillon Brooks taunts LeBron: “He’s old now, I don’t respect anyone until he scores me 40”

Dillon Brooks is certainly not the easiest person to deal with in a Playoff series, partly because of his defense, partly because of his constant taunts, even for no reason at times. After Game 2, won by the Memphis Grizzlies despite Ja Morant’s absence, Brooks even went on the attack of LeBron James, with whom he had had a couple of fiery exchanges during the game.

I don’t care about him, he’s old. I tease. I don’t respect anyone until they come and mark 40 in my face.. I let him know he can’t face me in 1vs1, you can’t. Go look at the footage, he hasn’t faced me in 1vs1 since then.” Brooks stated after the match.

In short, Dillon Brooks definitely targeted the “bigger fish.” Who knows how LeBron, who after Game 2 already tried to give a wake-up call to his Lakers, now 1-1 in the series against Memphis, will react.

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