Dillon Brooks prepares to face the Mavs, and attacks Irving and Doncic

In recent days Dillon Brooks e Draymond Green they had not had it out with each other. The two had argued first from a distance and then also on the court: Brooks had first argued that he was not a fan of Green, and that the latter would not even be a relevant player on a team other than the Warriors. The Golden State wing had responded in his own podcast, arguing that Brooks and his importance in the Memphis system would be the reason the Grizzlies are not a contender, and that “the dynasty will start after he’s gone, not with him.”.

Tonight, however, Brooks and the Grizzlies will face the. Dallas Mavericks, a team with which they apparently do not even have a verbal rivalry. Despite this, the Memphis player has already been willing to trash talk from a distance, toward the two superstars Kyrie Irving e Luka Doncic, with the Slovenian who will not be in the game due to a muscle problem. Regarding Doncic’s absence, Brooks prodded: “This shows that they are not ready for a physical competition.”.

But Dillon Brooks also had some for Kyrie, who allegedly provoked him a bit in their last meeting. “I’ll be able to mark him 1vs1 today, so I want to see what he’s capable of. He said a couple of things to me when we played Brooklyn, so I’m looking forward to marking him on every possession and taking all the energy out of him.”. This season, Brooks is scoring 14.4 points average.

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