Ja Morant, published images of the evening two days before the gun incident

Ja Morant is still out, suspended indefinitely from the Memphis Grizzlies after he displayed a gun in an Instagram live broadcast last week. The NBA star was at a strip club in Glenbale, near Denver, where he had played against the Nuggets shortly before. That was also his last game so far.

In recent hours, the New York Post obtained pictures of the strip club., Shotgun Willie’s, dating from 48 hours before the incident, however. In them one can see Morant in a private room at the club, as a girl dances on him. All around are hundreds of bills that basically cover the surface of the room. This is therefore a pre-game party in Denver, in the same venue where a few hours later he would show the gun live.

“It took forever to count all the bills.” recounted a dancer present that night. The New York Post source added that Morant would go to the venue as soon as he landed with the team in Denver, after another trip to Houston a few hours earlier. “He wanted to party and asked for girls in the room. The music was very, very gangster.” stated the source.

The owner of Shotgun Willie’s, Deborah Dunafon, pointed out that Morant was nonetheless very polite during his frequentation of the club: The boy is very young, exceptionally polite and did not even drink on his second visit [quella della vicenda con la pistola, ndr]. It happened with Nuggets and Broncos players that they came, gave money to girls and were very disrespectful and rude. Morant was great.”.

Probably not new to such behavior from their star, the Grizzlies took the opportunity, due to the gun’s involvement, to inflict a harsh punishment on Ja Morant.

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