Derrick Rose, end of New York adventure to go to a contender

Derrick Rose may soon leave the New York Knicks.

Throughout this season Derrick Rose has ended up on the fringes of the Knicks’ rotation. His mentor Tom Thibodeau is using him with the dropper, and that is why the former Bulls player may be changing teams. In the New York hierarchies, monopolized by the need to grow the many young outfielders, there is no more room.

According to theinsider Marc Stein therefore a trade could take place. Rose has a guaranteed contract until the end of the season for $14.5 million and an option to the Knicks for an additional season at $15.5. An option that obviously will not be exercised, making the player a free agent at the end of the year. In reality, however, the possibility of trade by the Feb. 9 deadline or even a severance package to allow him to sign at lower figures for another team.This would save New York something and Rose would find a more challenging environment without losing much financially.

La destination, however, is a key discriminator. Thibodeau, by virtue of his personal relationship with the player, has obtained assurances from management that no unwelcome franchises will be imposed on D-Rose. In short, no teams in rebuilding to take on the contract in exchange for role players. Rose will only move from New York to make his experience available to teams fighting for important goals.

In recent days, the hypothesis has emerged. Miami Heat, as Florida is concerned about Kyle Lowry’s condition ahead of the Playoffs.

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