Danilo Gallinari with a poisoned tooth: “I can’t wait to play against Boston.”

Danilo Gallinari was a player for the Boston Celtics for a year, but he never wore the green-and-white jersey in a game. In fact, last summer, when he was involved with Italbasket, Gallo ruptured his cruciate ligament, in a very serious injury made even worse by the Italian’s 34 (soon to be 35) years of age. The long Italian has been rehabilitating all year, has often followed his teammates in plain clothes, even during the Playoffs, and this process at the moment is still ongoing. So much so that the Gallo was left out of Pozzecco’s World Cup call-ups for this very reason.

Gallinari talked about this in the latest episode of the podcast co-hosted with his brother Federico, “Cresting High”. In the clip shared by the player himself on social media, however, there is also an obvious dig at the Celtics. Yes, because since last year many things have changed and Boston traded the Rooster to the Washington Wizards last month., in the trade that brought Kristaps Porzingis to the green-and-white. From his words, it seems that Gallinari did not take it well that he was “dumped” after only one year, by the way, spent all in the infirmary.

“I’m pumped up, looking forward to playing against Boston. As soon as the schedule comes out I will put an X on all the times I play against Boston in Boston.” Danilo Gallinari said. A few weeks ago there was also talk of a possible cut by Washington, but that track seems to have cooled a lot. The Rooster will probably eventually share the parquet with Jordan Poole, now the Wizards’ only star after the summer departures of Beal and Porzingis, on a team under reconstruction.

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