Damian Lillard, it’s yellow over a photo posted and then removed on Instagram. Meanwhile, Portland…

There has been nothing but talk in the NBA world all summer now about the transfer of Damian Lillard. Superstar in July asked to be traded to the Portland Trail Blazers., but since then, by various means, he has done nothing but point to the Miami Heat as the only destination he would welcome. On several occasions, most recently just a few days ago, speculation has also surfaced that Lillard might even “strike” and not show up for training camp if another team, other than Miami, had taken him.

Now Lillard is “fallen” in another mistake in the past few hours re-shared on Instagram the story of a fan who had called him a “Future Heat Legend”. Obviously the gesture did not go unnoticed, although the player deleted the story after less than half an hour.

This gaffe, if we want to call it that, was followed by the news reported by Adrian Wojnarowski that the Portland Trail Blazers would stop listening to offers for Lillard. The franchise expects Dame to show up for training camp in the coming days, although it is not ruled out that the transfer talk will be revived in the weeks to come. Throughout his career, so far spent entirely in Portland, Damian Lillard has become a symbol of the franchise and of attachment to the jersey. Something very unusual for the NBA, and indeed these latest developments go in another direction. What has been a wonderful love affair is now in danger of ending in a rather abrupt divorce.

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