Houston is trying hard to divest Kevin Porter Jr.

Kevin Porter Jr has always been a problem player, ever since Cleveland rushed to waive him after a nervous breakdown he had in the locker room. Now he is back in the news for his off-the-field behaviors, especially his arrest following violence on his girlfriend while the two were in New York in recent days. Kysre Gondrezick, a former WNBA player, has suffered several injuries.

In the meantime, however, the Houston Rockets, where Porter Jr has been playing for three seasons, immediately took action to find a buyer for the player. The guy over the years has repeatedly shown himself incapable of maintaining a limpid conduct, and this time he has really crossed the line. The NBA itself may take action against him, imposing a disqualification as happened just recently, for the same offense, with Miles Bridges.

Houston wants to avoid being sucked into this situation and would be willing to give up Porter Jr virtually for free, indeed even adding picks to thank the eventual buying team for the trouble. In the face of serious headaches, Kevin Porter Jr is nonetheless a player who in the last season scored 19.2 points on average and the deal could therefore be tempting for some.

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