Damian Lillard: “I’m the second best shooter of all time.”

Talks about the best players of any era are very passionate about the fan base. Among the most heated debates is the one about the best shooter ever.

The title now seems firmly in the hands of Stephen Curry but behind him is a tussle for the second step of the podium. Damian Lillard recognizes the undisputed leadership of the Golden State phenom but thinks he should be placed right behind him in this ideal ranking.

On social media there is always talk about the best shooters ever and when my name is mentioned there are those who think it’s crazy. I also think Curry is the greatest of any era but I don’t see why I can’t be included in the discussion behind him. Considering how many triples I’ve scored, the continuity with which I’ve done it, the difficulty rate of the shots I take and how many I make look easy … I’m looking forward to getting to second to third place for triples scored to see what people will say.

Lillard is currently eighth on the all-time list of baskets scored from behind the arc, having recently surpassed Jamal Crawford. Within reach he has Jason Terry and Vincer Carter, a few dozen triples ahead of him. Just over 100 baskets separate him from Korver, 400 from James Harden, who, however, continues to upgrade his numbers. Ray Allen in second place, however, is about 700 triples away, Curry more than 1,000 (and counting, they would say in the United States).

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