Charles Barkley lashes out at LeBron: \”You\’re too old!\”

Against the Western Conference elite in the first two games of the 2022-2023 season, the Los Angeles Lakers fell thunderously short. LeBron James and teammates looked too weak in both instances against two teams clearly better put together than their roster.
After the 103-97 defeat at the hands of the Clippers\’ Cousins, Hall of Famer, Charles Barkley, delivered a stern message to LeBron James and, indirectly, to Anthony Davis:

\”I want to challenge LeBron. He has to take a back seat to Anthony Davis. \’Man, I\’m too old to carry this team on my shoulders. You should be the man\’ . Like the transition from Kareem to Magic. LeBron at this stage is the greatest of this generation, one of the best ever, but we shouldn\’t ask a 38-year-old guy to be the best player on his team — especially when you have Anthony Davis on your side.\”

\”Five or six years ago I had said \’Anthony Davis I think will become the best basketball player in the world.\’ Today we hardly remember his existence.\”.

\”I got to challenge LeBron. He\’s got to come after AD…. We should not be asking a 38-year old guy to be the best player on his team.\”
Chuck on the Lakers

Let\’s see how this important situation in the Lakers household will unfold.

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