Jokic is really close to breaking Chamberlain\’s monstrous record

Denver Nuggets superstar Nikola Jokic is already one of the best centers in NBA history, and with an NBA title and a couple of triple-doubles he could become arguably the greatest big man of all time, even more than Wilt Chamberlain.

Tonight against the Golden State Warriors Jokic recorded his 77th career triple-double. He finished with 26 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists, leading the Nuggets to a 128-123 victory over the defending champions. With this performance he moved one step closer to breaking Wilt Chamberlain\’s record for the most triple doubles in NBA history.

As highlighted by ESPN Stats and Info, Chamberlain currently holds the record among centers in NBA history with 78. Just two more and Jokic will set a new feat.

Nikola Jokic notched his 77th career triple-double, 2nd-most among centers in NBA history.
Wilt Chamberlain has the most with 78.

Considering that Jokic finished with 19 triple-doubles in 2021-22 and 16 in the previous year, he should be able to surpass Chamberlain and set a new record soon. In fact, there is a possibility that he could surpass the 100 triple-double record this 2022-23, especially with the Nuggets getting both Michael Porter Jr. and Jamal Murray back.

Only five players in NBA history have been able to surpass 100 triple-doubles and, surely, Jokic could be the sixth man and the first center to do so. Russell Westbrook currently leads the list, with Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd, and LeBron James joining him.

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