Chance Comanche is now facing murder charges after the discovery of a body

In recent hours we had told you how Chance Comanche, now a former player of the Stockton Kings in the G-League, had been arrested on charges of kidnapping a woman in Las Vegas. Now those charges have morphed into murder charges, as a body was reportedly spotted in a desert area in Henderson, Nevada. Comanche and his girlfriend, 19-year-old Sakari Harden, allegedly kidnapped and murdered Marayna Rodgers., 24.

The motive that allegedly drove the pair to commit the crime remains unclear; the Nevada State Police investigation will continue in the coming days. Comanche had been playing in the G-League for a few years and last season had also played one game, his only one so far, in the NBA with the Portland Trail Blazers. The Kings immediately cut him after the arrest.

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