Chance Comanche confessed to the MURDER of a woman

In the end, the suspicions of the FBI and police were well-founded: Chance Comanche, former player of the Stockton Kings in the G-League, confessed in recent hours that he and his ex-girlfriend, Sakari Harnden, planned and carried out, the murder of Marayna Rodgers, a 23-year-old girl. Comanche had been arrested in recent days after his girlfriend, initially on charges of kidnapping and later murder.It was the athlete himself who broke down and pointed out to officers where the victim’s body was.

As FOX5 reported, Comanche and Harnden allegedly planned the murder in late November, the motive being debts Harnden herself owed Rodgers. The player, who was near Las Vegas for a game against the G-League Ignite, then arranged a meeting with Rodgers. What was billed as a three-way sex date turned into the scene of the crime when the victim was made to get into Comanche’s car, where Harnden was also. At that point the player allegedly strangled Rodgers with an HDMI cable and Harnden’s help.

Once the murder was completed, the two dumped the body in a pit in a desert area near Henderson, Nevada, covering it with stones. Chance Comanche is currently being held in the Sacramento jail, but will soon be extradited to Nevada where he will be tried for murder.

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