Bruno Caboclo, how did the first friendly against the Nets go?

Bruno Caboclo, who did not fulfill his contract with Reyer Venezia to play friendlies with Maccabi Ra’anana on an NBA tour, made his debut against the Brooklyn Nets..

The Brazilian center did not impress with a double-double performance with at least 20 points. He put up 8 points and 7 rebounds. He finished as his team’s best rebounder, that is true, but we would have expected a lot more from a guy who decided to have some major legal gabble for not fulfilling his contract with Venice to try to play it all out in these friendlies.

Fortunately for him, this is not his first and only chance because Caboclo, in addition to the Nets, will also play against the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Minnesota Timberwolves in the coming days. In order to hope for a spot in the NBA, he has to do much more against the two NBA franchises, otherwise it will be impossible to snatch a last-minute National Basketball Association pass. Let’s see how the Brazilian will perform and see what happens. Certainly in Venice they don’t even want to see him painted. This we feel to say quite calmly.

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