Bronny James undergoing further investigations strongly desired by LeBron after cardiac arrest

USC freshman Bronny James continues to work toward returning to full health after his cardiac arrest last month. Bronny and his father LeBron James just visited Minnesota. Many have linked their appearance at the local Mayo Clinic to a desire to get more answers about the mysterious factor that led to Bronny’s health problem.

According to TMZ Sports:

“The two landed in Rochester at some point over the weekend and have since been spotted near the Mayo Clinic, apparently seeking further answers as to why the 18-year-old suffered a cardiac arrest on July 24.”

At this point, although there are legitimate questions about his future as a player in light of his health problem, Bronny has played basketball all his life and would probably like to continue on his path. However, his eventual retirement for physical reasons cannot be ruled out.

Let’s see if this cardiac arrest will jeopardize Bronny James’ basketball future or if he really can play in the NBA with LeBron from September 2024.

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