Britney Spears – Victor Wembanyama, more details emerge about the episode.

New details emerge on theattack of bodyguard by Victor Wembanyama to the damage of Britney Spears.

The sensational incident that took place in Las Vegas was commented on by the two people directly involved.

This is the version of the French player.

As I was entering the restaurant I felt myself being grabbed from behind. Only a few hours later I was told that it was Britney Spears who was trying to stop me. The bodyguards had told me never to stop and to keep walking anyway, because any stop could create dangerous gatherings.

Somewhat different is the version of the pop star, who talked about it on her own social channels.

I’ve had several traumatic experiences in my life and I’ve shared them with you often. But was not ready for what happened to me the other night. I recognized a famous athlete in the lobby of my hotel and later saw him again in a famous restaurant, so I decided to congratulate him on his success. There was a lot of commotion so I knocked him on the shoulder to get his attention, in fact I am surprised that he tells about being grabbed from behind. His bodyguards pushed me backwards hitting me on the face in front of everyone, then they hit me on the face and knocked my glasses off. I am always surrounded by people, near me at that time there were at least 20 fans but my bodyguards did not hit anyone. Telling this story is a bit embarrassing but by then it had become public knowledge and I think it is important to make it known so that even VIPs have respect for others. There is too much violence nowadays, often in private, I side with the victims wholeheartedly. I have not yet received a public apology from the player, his security or the franchise, I hope they will soon. I thank you for the love and support you are giving me these days, just as I thank the Las Vegas police and investigators for their work.

In short, Spears’ words allude to a disproportionate reaction by Wembanyama’s bodyguards. And the singer’s final statements make it clear that the affair was resolved far from good-naturedly, as it seemed from the first reconstruction.

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