Boston is now the undisputed favorite for NBA title after Xmas Day

There is no negative hangover from the Finals for the Boston Celtics this season. After losing in the Finals to the Golden State Warriors last year, Jayson Tatum and teammates are back stronger than ever.

They are currently atop the standings with a 24-10 record, capped by an incredible win against the Milwaukee Bucks. Their status as the NBA’s best team at Christmas bodes well for the Celtics’ chances of making it to the Finals, according to ESPN Stats & Info.

The Celtics come out of NBA Christmas Day with a 24-10 record, which is the best in the league. Four of the last six NBA champions had the NBA’s best record on Christmas Day, including the Warriors last season.

The Celtics emerge from Christmas with a league-best 24-10 record.
4 of the last 6 NBA champions held the best record in the league on Christmas Day, including the Warriors last season.

The Celtics are the favorites to win this season and for good reason. They have kept most of their core pieces and added only a couple of bench players to round out their rotation. The result is a team that is running perfect and destroying teams left and right.

A big reason the Celtics are Finals contenders this season is the rise to greatness of Jayson Tatum. Aside from a few rough games, the winger has been instrumental for Boston this year. He averages about 30 points per game, along with 8.1 rebounds and 4.1 assists. He is undoubtedly one of the favorites for the MVP trophy.

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