BIG3 is ready to take NBA to court

BIG3 e NBA At loggerheads.

Second TMZ, the 3 vs. 3 league founded by Ice Cube allegedly sued the NBA for abuse of dominant position. There would, in fact, be an ongoing investigation by the U.S. counterpart of our AntiTrust.

According to the allegations, the NBA has abused its strength in the basketball market to put a spoke in the wheels of the BIG3. Among the practices adopted by the NBA would include clauses that would prevent the players to play matches in the famous summer league, which, however, would not be provided for all other tournaments. The same attitude would be taken toward the referees.

But there would be more: the NBA would also put pressure on potential sponsors and television broadcasters to not match BIG3, thus causing immediate economic damage to the tournament created by Ice Cube.

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