Big Brother at Madison Square Garden?

Curious indiscretion coming from the United States. I New York Knicks would be using the technology of facial recognition for identifying fans who protest within the Madison Square Garden.

The allegation, which remains yet to be verified, comes from blogger Ethan Strauss, who also has a background in ESPN. According to some testimonies it claims to have collected, MSG’s security system would use artificial intelligence to identify, through facial recognition, fans who challenge the patron’s actions James Dolan.

A new episode in the discontent about the Knicks owner, repeatedly challenged by so many VIP fans, as Spike Lee who already a few years ago spoke of a somewhat too repressive attitude on the part of security. Strauss’s words, then, would refer to a kind of censorship put in place by Dolan to limit criticism of him through a six-tiered behavioral code to classify protesting supporters.

The Garden has officially responded to the allegations, admitting the use by artificial intelligence for surveillance purposes but ruling out any illegitimate practices. The facility managers also clarified that the claims coming from an “unqualified blogger” who allegedly reported falsehoods.

In any case, the whole thing is illustrative of the fact that Dolan’s management continues to be strongly ostracized by New York fans, especially the more well-known and influential ones.

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