Austin Reaves’ COMMOVING message after Lakers’ In-Season Tournament win.

We often don’t realize how much professional athletes have to struggle to turn their childhood dreams into reality. We look at the fame, fortune, and astounding skills they possess, and it’s natural to think: ‘Look how easy it is for him! What a life he has!’. The truth is that we are not even remotely aware of all the work they do day in and day out to stay at the top of their game, and we certainly don’t know how challenging the path has been to get to the point where you can call yourself a professional athlete. That’s why we love it when athletes open up and speak from the heart in a way we understand to be sincere and authentic. And that’s exactly what Austin Reaves did after scoring 28 points tonight, helping the Los Angeles Lakers defeat the Indiana Pacers and become the first NBA In-Season Tournament champions.

“Regardless of what your dream is, don’t let anyone tell you it’s not possible. A lot of people probably looked at me funny when I went around the school telling everyone I wanted to be in the NBA.”, said Austin Reaves in the postgame press conference.

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