Anthony Davis explained why he didn’t cheer LeBron’s record

In recent days, a video of the basket by LeBron James, the one that handed him the title of NBA All-Time leading scorer, filmed from behind the bench of the Los Angeles Lakers. It had been shared so many times because, in the video, all but one of the yellow-purple players could be seen cheering for the record: Anthony Davis. The Lakers’ longtime Laker, James’ friend and partner now since 2019, sat on the bench without making any mention showing happiness at the milestone.

And of course all kinds of rumors began to circulate. Rumors that Davis However, he put to rest last night, after the game against Milwaukee in which James was kept at rest.

It doesn’t mean anything for the relationship that Bron and I have — nothing. It was just about the game. We were losing to the Oklahoma City Thunder, a game we needed to win. I was angry. I mean, we were losing. Simply that. It had nothing to do with LeBron and he knows it. People watching from the outside make their own opinion. I was angry because we were losing.

And indeed in the end the Lakers lost, both the game against the Thunder, a knockout gone by the wayside, and against the Bucks last night. After the trade deadline trades will begin a second season for the yellow-violqa, now stuck at 25-31. The Play-in is only 2.5 games away, the 10th position on which the Lakers make the run is currently occupied by Portland.

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