Draymond Green and Jordan Poole continue to quarrel

For months, the tense stories between Draymond Green e Jordan Poole have held court at home Golden State Warriors. Last pre-season Green punched Poole and it was never totally overcome, generating friction within the locker room.

Nor did Poole’s departure, heading for Washington, seem to cool tempers. The fact that the two immediately stopped following each other on social media is a clear indication. Further evidence comes from statements in recent hours.

Draymond Green, host of Patrick Beverley’s podcast, returned to the topic.

I’m not one to beat people up over anything. Clearly these are things that brood over time, you don’t create them in a hurry, in fact I’ve never had a partner that led me to react like that instantly. There are things that between men should not be said to each other, things that cannot be glossed over.

Green was probably alluding to a certain attitude of Poole’s that the Warriors’ senators did not like and a few too many words. Father of the Wizards’ newest player, Anthony, came to his son’s defense.

Green called bullshit. Jordan used to be his godson, then he spent all last season avoiding me and my wife when we went to the palace. I’m not afraid to say it, he’s a soft guy, he’s never apologized to us, he’s weak, anytime he wants we can meet….

Clearly Green wanted to dot the i’s and invite Jordan Poole’s father to tone it down.

Very funny — it’s not possible to avoid you inside the arena for a whole year, phenomenon. When the games are over I’m going to the family room to catch up with my family. And stop using certain words, they don’t befit a conversation between men.

Whether it was the same tenor of words that had enraged Green to the point of attacking his now former partner? The fact is that we all look forward to the first confrontation between Warriors and Wizards.

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