Also dropped were the latest charges against Paul Banchero in the case last November

After the signing with Jordan, another piece of good news came for Paul Banchero. The first overall pick in the last draft, in November 2021 when he had just begun his adventure at Duke, Banchero had been stopped in his car with his partner, and nephew of Coach K, Michal Savarino. Savarino had been arrested because he was driving drunk, while Banchero had been investigated for, in English, “aiding, abetting DWI.”. This is an offense of encouraging someone who is unable to drive, because they are drunk or under the influence of substances, to do so.

Banchero was not at much risk, however, despite rumors in the early hours that he had been arrested. The Orlando Magic star has now seen all the latest charges dropped. Savarino also had it “got away with it”: for 12 months he will be on probation and must participate in a rehabilitation program, as reported by The Raleigh News & Observer. Coach K’s nephew had already paid a $300 fine and performed 24 hours of community service.

During this offseason Savarino transferred from Duke to New York University in NCAA Division III. Paul Banchero, on the other hand, took the opposite route, becoming the top prospect in the 2022 Draft class.

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