Dwight Howard seriously considering changing sports

Dwight Howard is still a free agent after his last (negative) season with the Los Angeles Lakers. The former All Star is considering leaving the NBA and playing basketball, partly because he would already have an alternative ready.

Howard, in fact, may decide to give himself to the wrestling if he didn’t get attractive offers from the NBA. A few days ago he attended a training session of the WWE in Nashville and is seriously considering stepping into the ring.

I would love to play one more season in the NBA but I think wrestling is part of my future. I love WWE and hope one day to step into the ring to fight and win a belt. My NBA career started in Orlando and I am ready to go back there to start my wrestling career.

Indeed, the Florida city is home to the WWE’s “Performance Center,” a kind of wrestling academy. We do not yet know what kind, but certainly Howard will continue with matches in his future.

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