All Star Game 2023, TV ratings never so low

L’All Star Game 2023 didn’t like it, not only the key players like Mike Malone, who called it “the worst game ever played.” Television ratings also did not reward Sunday’s game and the entire All Star Weekend in Salt Lake City in general. As reported by Sports Media Watch, the 2023 All Star Game figures were the lowest ever, with a total of 6.28 million viewers and -27% compared to last year’s event.

Compared with similar events in other sports, the NBA All Star Game ranked behind the NFL Pro-Bowl by a few thousand viewers and well behind the MLB All Star Game, the leader with 7.51 million viewers.

The difference in figures with the previous edition is the largest since 2000, however, when the All Star Game returned after a one-year absence due to the lockout.

As mentioned, it was not only the Sunday game that declined. Rising Stars, the least popular weekend event, dropped from 1.23 million viewers in 2022 to 880,000 this year, All Star Saturday on the other hand from 4.24 million to 3.42. Paradoxically, the only event that experienced growth was the Celebrity All Star Game, from 1.29 million viewers to 1.40.

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