ADIDAS presents the new sneaker ADIZERO SELECT 2.0: Jalen Green is the testimonial

adidas presents the latest addition to the record-breaking Adizero series: the Adizero Select 2.0 Designed with maximum performance in mind, the Adizero Select 2.0 sneakers ensure optimum comfort without sacrificing speed.

Starring in the brand’s campaign to launch the new model is Jalen Green, Shooting Guard for the Houston Rockets. Inspiring the next generation of athletes, Jalen’s speed, grit and range of motion perfectly embody the ability of these lightweight basketball shoes.

More than a decade ago, master sneaker designer Toshiaki Omori handcrafted a lighter, faster shoe that propelled athletes to new records: it was Adizero. Today, adidas wants to pay tribute to Omori by handcrafting a model worthy of his name, an emblem of speed for the fastest athletes, always at the forefront of sports.

The Adizero Select 2.0s boast breathability and reduced weight thanks to their lightweight, ribstop-reinforced monomesh upper. The lightstrike foam midsole, sculpted for maximum lightness, helps further reduce weight and is complemented by strategic notches in the outsole, midsole and strobel for an exceptionally comfortable and breathable experience with every step.

The “For The Fast” advertising campaign shot in Los Angeles, California, stars Jalen Green wearing the new sneakers.

The Adizero Select 2.0 will be available for purchase in two color variants starting February 1, 2024 at the adidas at a base price of 120 euros.
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