ABSURD in Belgrade: a former footballer attacks Nemanja Bjelica with a weapon

Incredible misadventure with still unclear contours for Nemanja Bjelica.

While at a playground in Belgrade, the former Fenerbahce man was attacked. It was discovered shortly afterward that theattacker was theformer footballer Nikola Petkovic, tracked down and detained by police following the attack.

In videos released by Serbian media, an argument between the two can be glimpsed, which escalates with Petkovic wielding some scissors And approaches Bjelica menacingly. All while threatening the basketball player and his family. Shortly after, however, he stows the scissors and walks away, following the arrival of a child, probably his son. Economic motives may be at the root of the incident, as Petkovic’s shouted phrases include “I will take your money.”

Photo: FIBA

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