Adam Silver tough on Kevin Durant over trade request

The trade request made by Kevin Durant to the Brooklyn Nets is causing much discussion in the NBA world.

KD’s show of force didn’t please the commissioner at all Adam Silver, partly because the player had recently signed a rich contract renewal. Silver spoke out harshly against such attitudes, which open another chapter in the diatribe between players and the league in managing power relations, a topic that has led to several frictions between the parties in recent years.

The relationship between franchises and players must be two-way. Teams offer athletes rock-solid economic security and many guarantees so they are expected to honor agreements. There have always been conversations between players, prosecutors and executives but we don’t like requests for trades and situations that evolve that way. This is one of the issues we plan to address shortly when we sit down with the athletes and the Players Association to discuss the new collective bargaining agreement. I don’t like these things.

Source: Associated Press

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