NBA, pandemic is behind us: record revenues last season

The economic problems related to the pandemic seem to be only a distant memory for the NBA.

Italian sports continue to record incredible losses and still cannot overcome the problems related to Covid-19 but, as is often said, America is another world. The NBA, in fact, in the season just ended broke through the wall of the 10 billion dollars in revenue, meeting the goal that Adam Silver had announced before the start of the regular season.

The commissioner unveiled that the league managed to reach this record figure, adding also that revenues more closely related to basketball (ticketing, merchandising, TV rights) touched 8.892 billion.

“These figures surprise me a bit,” Silver admitted, “because. they exceed our predictions and go beyond where we thought our interests would go. I think it’s an achievement to be highlighted when we think about where we were two and a half years ago.”

Based on these numbers, the NBA has set the salary cap for next season at $123,655,000 and the luxury tax just over 150 million.

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