Adam Silver breaks silence on Josh Giddey

In recent weeks Josh Giddey ended up in the eye of the storm because of an (alleged) sexual relationship with a girl under the age of 16. A fling that seems to date back two years and came to light because of a photo circulated on social media.

The NBA has broken its silence on the affair through the words of the commissioner Adam Silver, who first explained why Giddey is taking the field regularly.

In the past I don’t remember many cases where we have suspended a player solely on the basis of an investigation. Regarding Giddey there is a charge, a police investigation and a parallel NBA investigation. Previously we have always followed this procedure, we stand aside the moment there is a criminal investigation going on.

Meanwhile, it appears that the Newport Beach police, who are investigating the incident, are not receiving cooperation from the girl concerned. This is yet another sign that could exonerate Giddey, who would have had no idea of the young woman’s real age, not least because the two allegedly met inside a discotheque reserved for adults.

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