Shaquille O’Neal heavily criticizes Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson did not score in the NBA Cup semifinals against the Los Angeles Lakers.

The star of the New Orleans Pelicans scored only 13 points in the 133-89 loss to the Yellow Jackets. For Williamson only 13 points with 8 conclusions attempted and an attitude of giving up at times.

A performance that in the immediate postgame drew heavy criticism from Shaquille O’Neal, in the role of television pundit.

Zion might be the best player in the entire NBA but talent alone is not enough to be decisive. This defeat will have to serve as a lesson for him. He doesn’t try hard enough, he doesn’t work hard enough, he doesn’t create for his teammates, he doesn’t call the ball, he doesn’t have that mean look that has led other sportsmen to win so much in their discipline.

Overall, Zion is having a less devastating impact this year than last season. Is this really a mindset problem, as Shaq claims, or perhaps he is trying to manage himself to avoid the physical problems that have affected his career so far?

Source: Dunkest

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