YouTuber fakes sleep during WNBA All Star Game and gets banned from all NBA events

A prank that generated over 3 million views in just a few hours, but also got the youtuber JiDion a ban from all NBA and WNBA events. The American boy had purchased a ticket to last week’s WNBA All Star Game in Las Vegas. At the game, however JiDion showed up in his pajamas and with a blanket, putting himself to sleep lying on the seats right on the sidelines.

“Don’t sleep on the WNBA” is the title of the video later shared on his channel, in which in addition to walking around the arena with behavior annoying to the staff JiDion precisely pretends to be sleeping, complete with night cap and pillow. First filmed by security, the youtuber was eventually kicked out of the arena. Not only that, the NBA has decided to oust him from any future events it organizes, including games of the 30 franchises.

As harmless a prank as it may seem, JiDion’s seemed like a blatant provocation to manifest how boring the women’s league’s All Star Game is, according to him.

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