Will Kevin Durant choose LeBron James’ Los Angeles Lakers?

Kevin Durant has asked for a trade to the Brooklyn Nets, leaving every other fan in the league fantasizing about him joining their team. Los Angeles Lakers fans would be lying if they didn’t daydream about Kevin Durant teaming up with LeBron James in purple and gold for at least a split second.

But according to the latest report by Sam Amick and Jovan Buha of The Athletic, the chances of the Lakers not only entering Kevin Durant’s sweepstakes but coming out with the winning bid are not just slim. The two journalists said there is concretely “zero” chance.

As for the prospect of the Lakers trying to enter Kevin Durant’s big race, perhaps by making Davis available in the possible trade, a source close to the situation put the chances at “zero.” Their focus, it seems, is on Irving. And vice versa.

The thought of Kevin Durant joining a Los Angeles team, specifically the Lakers, where his former teammate-turned-enemy, Russell Westbrook, and his greatest rival, LeBron James, play.

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