Will anyone ever surpass 100 points in a single contest? DeRozan’s thoughts

In the last week alone, the NBA world has witnessed some top performances. Friday night it was Luka Doncic’s turn to steal the show. The Dallas Mavericks star, four days after Joel Embiid gave Philadelphia 76ers fans a 70-point outing, put up 73, his career-high, in the 148-144 win over the Atlanta Hawks. As exciting as this week has been for fans of other teams as well, one can only imagine how delightful it is for their peers to witness greatness in action, with Chicago Bulls star DeMar DeRozan anticipating even more fireworks.

Posting on his official X account after Doncic’s 73-point masterpiece and Devin Booker’s 62 points on Friday night in the Phoenix Suns’ 133-to-131 loss to the Indiana Pacers, the Bulls star went out on a limb and predicted that one player would soon reach Wilt Chamberlain territory and surpass triple digits in points in a single game.

“Someone will score 100 before the end of the season!” DeRozan wrote.

This DeMar DeRozan prediction is a long shot; there are only 13 instances in NBA history where a player scored 70 or more points, one where someone scored 80, and one with 100, with the historic game of the great Wilt Chamberlain. Explosive scoring nights may come in droves, but it will take a perfect storm for someone to score 70 points again, let alone 100, which makes the Bulls star’s prediction nothing more than a pipe dream.

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