Why did Terry Stotts, former Bucks deputy, decide to resign?

News emerged tonight that Milwaukee Bucks assistant coach Terry Stotts has decided to resign, and now more details have emerged.

Shams Charania of The Athletic reports that Stotts and head coach Adrian Griffin had a confrontation during the shootaround. Griffin reportedly ended the training session and gathered the team together for a greeting. During this meeting, Griffin informed the coaches that he wanted to have a separate meeting with them once the work was done.

However, after the meeting between players and coaches, Stotts went with the players instead of staying with the coaches. Griffin called Stotts to join the coaches’ group. When Stotts asked for some time with the players, Griffin yelled at Stotts to join the coaches’ group. The incident occurred in front of the entire team, according to sources. Before the incident, relations between Stotts and Griffin were already strained, Charania reported.

“You’ll have to ask Terry.”, Griffin told reporters after being asked why Stotts resigned. “He is a great coach. I really enjoyed getting to know him. A great person. It was his decision. I wish him only the best.”.

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