What a GAFFE for the Kobe Bryant statue: there are several errors!

A few weeks ago the Los Angeles Lakers have unveiled the first of three statues dedicated to Kobe Bryant which will be installed outside the Crypto.com Arena. The first one depicts the Black Mamba with theiconic pose after scoring 81 points against the Toronto Raptors, still the second-best scoring performance in NBA history. You may or may not like the statue, but some fans have noticed some non-uniform errors.

Since it has been on public display in fact people have been able to get close and read what is engraved at the base of the statue. It shows the box score of the game, including that of the defeated Raptors. It did not take long before someone noticed the multiple errors by spelling: José Calderon became José CalderSon, Von Wafer became VoM Wafer, while DNP was explained on one occasion as. “Coach Decicion”.

Really gross errors for such a long overdue statue honoring a legend of one of the most famous teams in sports history. Who knows if now that the mistakes have gone viral on social media someone will bother to correct them and if more care will be taken with the next two Kobe Bryant statues yet to be unveiled.

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