Warriors vs. Grizzlies on Christmas, and Draymond Green invites Ja Morant to dinner

After Los Angeles Lakers vs. Dallas Mavericks, another match of the Christmas Day 2022 Will be the one between Golden State Warriors e Memphis Grizzlies. A great rivalry was ignited between the two teams during the last Playoffs, with taunts that continued even after the Dubs won the title. The NBA took advantage of this and, as is often the case, turned Warriors-Grizzlies into a signature game.

Ja Morant happily welcomed the news of the Christmas match, writing on Twitter to Draymond Green: “We got what we wanted, Dray!”. The Warriors long shot responded to him with another soothing message, inviting Morant and his family to dinner after the Dec. 25 game: “It’s the power of your voice, boy! Let’s go! Bring the family to my house for dinner after the game.”.

In short, the controversy between the Warriors and Grizzlies is being experienced very well by those involved. Despite the constant provocations, there is great respect between Morant and Green.

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