[VIDEO] Paul George in Sardinia: rivers of champagne at party with Gallinari

Paul George was on vacation in Sardinia and spent several days with Danilo Gallinari, who recently married Eleonora Boi.

The American never played with the boy from Graffignana however they were connected because, when PG moved to Los Angeles, the Rooster went to Oklahoma City in that trade. Despite this, being two NBA veterans, they have faced each other hundreds of times on the court and have a nice relationship off the court as well.

During his stay in Sardinia, Paul George also had fun at Nikki Beach in Costa Smeralda together with Gallinari, as you can see in the video below:


When you think people want a picture with you… but instead… #fypシ #fypシ゚viral

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Initially PG thought the girl wanted a selfie. But then he realized that we do things right in Italy and they bought him a drink. Surely the Los Angeles Clippers phenom did not expect to drink so much because he more or less spit out all the champagne they poured down his throat.

We are sure that Paul George will never forget that Sardinian day, where he thought he was taking a selfie and instead ended up with champagne down his throat. Not a bad ending to the story.

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