VIDEO: MORANT returns to see Memphis and immediately makes the SHOW

It certainly appears that Ja Morant is now in a good place mentally after the tumultuous past few weeks that have seen him take some time away from the Memphis Grizzlies and undergo counseling.

Morant made his first appearance with the team since his gun accident in early March. He was on the sidelines Monday for the Grizzlies’ game against the Dallas Mavericks, with home fans even giving him a warm welcome when he finally returned.

Tonight saw the Grizzlies come back from a 16-point disadvantage to win 112 to 108 against the Mavs, with Morant also celebrating with his teammates.

When Santi Aldama was interviewed after the game, Morant shouted the lyrics to “YoungBoy’s Fresh Prince of Utah.”.

It is really good to see Ja Morant smiling after all that has happened. While many have criticized him and the Grizzlies for their alleged publicity stunt just to bury the issue, the important thing is that the young man has learned his lesson and is reflecting on it.

Morant is expected to return to the court soon, with the hope that he will change on Wednesday when they play at home against the Houston Rockets.


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