Too many injuries for Lonzo and LaMelo Ball, LaVar blames SHOES

By LaVar Ball is almost never heard from again. His children, Lonzo e LaMelo, have grown and carved out their own space in the NBA, although the former has been out for almost 2 years with serious knee problems. In terms of injuries, LaMelo is not doing great either: when available he has shown he can be a star, but in 4 years he has played 184 out of 321 games.

Interviewed by Bill Reiter of CBS Sports, LaVar gave his take on the situation: the injuries to his two most talented sons (LiAngelo currently plays in Mexico) are primarily due to the shoes they wear.

“They say it’s my fault, that I was training them too hard. But the reason they get hurt so often is because they are away from me, they started doing these[bleep]workouts. As long as you run on hills you develop strength and power, when you start using rubber bands and lifting light weights of necessity you get hurt. A lot of the blame lies with the bad shoes LaMelo…. is wearing. Those shoes don’t work for him. That’s why he keeps getting ankle injuries.” Ball Sr. said.

LaMelo Ball currently wears Puma shoes, which also launched his own custom-made model: the Mb.03. Shoes that LaVar Ball evidently judges to be of poor quality. Many will remember that it was actually the father of the Ball brothers who launched a few years ago the Big Baller Brand, or BBB, a quasi-family brand under which Lonzo, LaMelo and LiAngelo were almost totally dressed. The Big Baller Brand, which still exists, began producing its own models of basketball shoes in 2017, including the signature shoes of all three brothers, often with exorbitant prices.

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