TMZ also shed light on the dialogue between Green and Poole before the punch

Not only the video released yesterday exclusively, the TMZ website also published just now what would appear to be the dialogue that preceded the punch of Draymond Green a Jordan Poole. According to the reconstruction, Poole allegedly called numerous fouls during the practice game, leading Green to call him \”bitch\” several times. At yet another insult, Poole reportedly responded by telling Green: \”You know what it is, Draymond.\”.

These words, which literally mean. \”You know how it is, Draymond.\”, would be a reference to the contractual situation of the two. Both are set to expire next summer, although Green has a $27 million Player Option that he could use to stay until at least 2024. Poole is obviously on the launch pad, there has been talk of maximum salary for him, and there will probably be news in the coming months. The same figures are being asked for by Green himself, but he is 32 years old and therefore less of a growth prospect for the Warriors. In the sense intended by Poole so Golden State will prioritize him.

Teased on what is probably a raw nerve, Green approached Poole menacingly, hitting him with the fist we all saw and yelling: \”No, I don\’t. How are things?\”. Green\’s gesture was commented on by all the Golden State Warriors: president Bob Myers, coach Steve Kerr and Steph Curry, as well as Andre Iguodala.

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