Draymond Green again! Another video of him scandalizes NBA fans

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green continues to go viral for all the wrong reasons after video of his brawl with Jordan Poole emerged from the California team\’s secret rooms.

For those who missed it, Green was the talk of the town after he punched Poole in the face during a Warriors preseason practice last Wednesday. A couple of days later, video of the incident made the rounds on the Web, with many in shock, calling on the Dubs to punish the winger for this thoughtless act.

Among all the controversy that has come out, there is another video of Green that has gone viral because of the issue. The Twitter world was quick to catch up with Green\’s earlier statement on his podcast in which he stated that he does not play basketball to \”fight\” with anyone.

\”Here\’s the thing, let me explain something to you guys. I play basketball. When I go out on the basketball court, I\’m not going out there to punch somebody in the mouth. I\’m not going out there trying to pick a fight with anybody. I go out on the basketball court to simply win a basketball game.\”.

Draymond Green, trusted media source pic.twitter.com/C1LY0fMcgg

– Ben Rohrbach (@brohrbach) October 7, 2022

After what he did to Jordan Poole, Draymond Green\’s comments have certainly not aged well. Of course, many people have chided him for this since he debunked his own speech in practice.

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