Steve Kerr unveiled the “Serbian” tribute the Warriors made to the late Milojevic

Last night the Golden State Warriors returned to the court after a week’s absence due to mourning the death of Dejan Milojevic, assistant to Steve Kerr for more than 2 years. The Serbian coach passed away following an illness while the team was away in Salt Lake City, and over the past week many clubs around the world have paid tribute to him. Before the game between the Warriors and Hawks, won by Golden State, Californians honored Milojevic with several tributes. Players took the court in special T-shirts on which the words “Brate” (“brother” in Serbian). All wore a uniform with Milojevic’s name in place of their own during the national anthem, then leaving these uniforms on the place usually occupied by the assistant on the bench. From now until the end of the season, the Warriors will play with a heart-shaped patch on the jersey and the letters DM. Before the game also Kerr gave in speech in front of the audience, with many of his players moved by the loss of a friend as well as a coach.

But not only that, Steve Kerr revealed that before the two-ball. his entire staff drank in the locker room a shot of Serbian liquor, in honor of Dejan Milojevic. Another way to honor the origins and memory of a man appreciated by all, both in the NBA and in Europe.

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