James Harden starts war with Philadelphia by not showing up for Media Day

James Harden wants to be traded by the Philadelphia 76ers as soon as possible, and let’s just say that he didn’t hide when, a few weeks ago, he had called Daryl Morey “liar.” in front of everyone. The Sixers star had agreed with management to take advantage of the Player Option and subsequently be traded, but to date no negotiations have really taken hold. To put additional pressure on the franchise, Harden today did not show up for Media Day scheduled for the start of training camp.

A move meant to corner the Sixers, who will have to deal with the player’s value getting progressively lower as these Harden behaviors persist. There had been talk in recent months of the Los Angeles Clippers as one of the interested teams, but an actual offer was never forthcoming.

This is not the first time that James Harden has adopted such behaviors to push a team to give him up. It had already happened in Houston, when he showed up for training camp late and in less than impeccable shape. The Rockets eventually traded him after a couple of months to the Brooklyn Nets.

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