Lionheart Dillon Brooks: refuses to talk to reporters after being lectured by LeBron

Dillon Brooks escaped suspension for his flagrant foul on LeBron James in Game 3, but he and the Memphis Grizzlies could not avoid the wrath of the Los Angeles Lakers superstar Monday night in Game 4 of this first-round series.

LeBron James used Game-4 as a backdrop for yet another statistical masterpiece, putting up 22 points, the result of an honest 8 of 18 from the field, topped off by 20 rebounds, 7 assists and 2 stoppages in 45 minutes in the Lakers overtime win with a final score of 117 to 111 against the Grizzlies. Brooks tried to get inside LeBron James’ head after Game 1, calling the Lakers “old,” but apparently it’s the Grizzlies who couldn’t handle the 38-year-old veteran.

After the Lakers’ victory in Game-4, Dillon Brooks did not even come out to talk to the media.

“You don’t consider me.”, Brooks said about his availability in the media, according to Tim MacMahon ESPN’s.

If the Grizzlies had won Game 4, Brooks probably would have bravely talked to reporters.

We’ll see if any statements from Dillon come out in the next few hours, perhaps just before Game 5, which, let’s remember, will be played in Memphis.

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