Simone Fontecchio “RIMBALIST”: CRAZY improvement!

Simone Fontecchio has now become a mainstay of the Utah Jazz, even now that the likes of Lauri Markkanen and Jordan Clarkson are back playing consistently.

This year the Italian kid has improved virtually all of his numbers from last season but there is one that is particularly impressive: the rebounding figure.

Simone Fontecchio has always been a player with a great propensity for rebounding, but we hardly expected to see him double his numbers from one NBA season to the next. In fact, last year the Abruzzi boy was grabbing 1.7 rebounds per shoelace, this year he is instead at exactly double that, viz. 3.4.

Of course, this figure is undoubtedly favored by the higher minutes however, he impressed us. Just to give you a yardstick to compare with another European similar to the Italian, Bogdan Bodagnovic, who is more central than Fontecchio in the Hawks and in fact plays 6 minutes more on average about per contest, travels at 3.1 rebounds per match.

Of course, we also expect him to be able to increase his scoring average even more, with perhaps a 30 every so often, as he has all the potential to make it. Undoubtedly, however, this double dimension is interesting and may be crucial at the Pre-Olympic as well.

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