San Diego Clippers return after 40 years–but not to NBA

I Los Angeles Clippers will give themselves a new look next year, taking advantage of the start of a new Era that will see them play in the brand new Intuit Dome. The franchise unveiled its new logo and jerseys last week, while in these hours it has announced that will move its G-League affiliate to San Diego.. It will thus return the San Diego Clippers, the ancestors of the franchise before the move to Los Angeles.

The Clippers were born as the Buffalo Braves in 1970, before being moved to San Diego in 1978 taking the name Clippers, “Sailors” to refer to the frequent passage of boats in San Diego Bay, where they remained only until 1984, however.

After 40 years therefore San Diego will return to embrace the Clippers, albeit only for the G-League. The logo of the affiliate, which until now was allocated to Ontario, California, will be similar to that of the “first team,” with three sails and a basketball.

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