Ricky Rubio’s NBA adventure over: deal struck with Cleveland for contract buyout

After stepping away from the NBA franchise to deal with mental health issues, Ricky Rubio and the Cleveland Cavaliers have struck a deal for contract buyout, which will likely mark the end of Rubio’s 12-year NBA career, several sources told ESPN.

The buyout-which provides $6.1 million for this year’s contract and $6.4 million for 2024-2025-gives the Cavaliers some financial relief and opens up a second roster spot for the team.

If Rubio continues his pro career, it will likely be in the place where he began his adventure as a 14-year-old prodigy: in Spain.

In the summer, Ricky Rubio had asked his agent Jeff Schwartz of Excel Sports Management to alert Cleveland Cavaliers NBA president Koby Altman of his need to step away to address several mental health issues. The Cavaliers welcomed Rubio, but. in recent weeks, discussions shifted to a buyout when it became clearer that Rubio did not plan to play for the Cavaliers again-or even in the NBA -, the sources said.

Rubio has missed most of the past two seasons recovering from an ACL tear, the second of his career. Last year Rubio played 33 games, joining the team midway through the season averaging 5.2 points and 3.5 assists.

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