Rasheed Wallace puts ‘blame’ for Draymond Green’s behaviors on his Detroit Pistons

Draymond Green is a cross and a delight, loved by Golden State Warriors fans and hated by (almost) everyone else. Over the years he has been the protagonist of various unsportsmanlike behaviors, lately even severely punished by the NBA such as the attempt to “strangle” Rudy Gobert, which a couple of weeks ago cost him a 5-game suspension. Over-the-top attitudes that Rasheed Wallace, someone who knows about these things, traced it right back to his Detroit Pistons NBA champions in 2004.

Wallace talked about it as a guest on the Gils Arena Show, the podcast hosted by Gilbert Arenas. “It’s my fault, it’s Ben Wallace’s fault, it’s Chauncey’s fault. [Billups, ndr], it’s Rip Hamilton’s fault, it’s Tyshaun’s fault. [Prince, ndr], it’s Corliss’s fault [Williamson, ndr]. Everyone in that locker room. Because Green grew up in that locker room. One of his best friends was the son of the Pistons’ GM. So he was around us a lot, at practice, in the locker room, before and after games. He heard the different language, we know there is a different language when there are no cameras. He heard all those things and that’s why now he does all those str*****e. He learned that bleep in our locker room! I love him a lot.” Sheed commented.

Green was born in Saginaw, Michigan, and in 2004, when the Pistons won the title, he was 14 years old. The GM at that time was legend Joe Dumars.

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