Ponitka and that triple double: only 3 before him have managed it

Poland’s Mateusz Ponitka achieved something special in his national team’s EuroBasket match against Slovenia, finishing with 26 points, 16 rebounds and 10 assists to become the fourth ever to record a triple double in the history of the competition.

Early in the fourth period Ponitka provided an assist to make 10 game-winning passes. He already had 16 points plus 10 rebounds and thus put up a very special triple double while only having 27 minutes on the floor up to that point.

Before Ponitka, only three players recorded a triple double at EuroBasket. Croatian center Stojan Vrankovic in 1993, Vrankovic’s Hall of Famer and fellow Croatian, Toni Kukoc, in 1995, plus Romanian guard Andrei Mandache in 2017.

“I haven’t realized yet. Tomorrow you can ask me questions about my triple double because now I’m still processing the match and trying to find out why we threw away a 20-point lead. But of course I am really happy. It’s the first triple double in my life, I didn’t expect to do it at a European. But if you have opportunities, you have to take them. It feels good, and tomorrow I will feel better.”

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