Paul George admits, “I can’t be a contender’s star”

Paul George aims for title with Los Angeles Clippers, although so far the Californians have not had a great season and must earn their place in the Playoffs.

PG, however, takes a step back with great humility, admitting that he cannot be the star of a team aiming for the title.

For years I struggled with so many opponents and injuries. Now I realize that in the last ten years the NBA has changed a lot, you can’t hope to win alone. I have to be honest with myself, with who I am and what I have shown in the past: at the highest level, on a team fighting for the most important goal, I cannot be the first option on offense. I can score like the best and hold my own but I know that my role is not to be the main player if I want to aspire to the title, I have learned that through experience.

At the moment, however, despite this, the Clippers do not look like a title team and Westbrook’s graft seems to have created additional problems, as evidenced by the 0-4 record since his arrival and defenses beating him mercilessly as done by the Golden State Warriors.

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